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Admission to this agency can only be made under the direction of a Physician, based upon the patient’s identified care needs, homebound status and the type of services required that we can provide directly or through coordination with other organizations.



We accept payments for services from Medicare, Medi-Cal, Worker’s Compensation, private insurance or private pay. For most services, there is no cost to you if you are an eligible beneficiary for Medicare, Medi-Cal, or Medicaid. Some insurers may require pre-certification and may limit the number and type of home care visits that will be paid for.


Any charges for services not covered under Titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act or non-reimbursable charges will be discussed with you before these services are provided. In fact, we will inform you, your family, caregiver or guardian of all charges and methods of payment before or upon admission.


If you are receiving Medicare benefits, you may receive a Medicare Summary Note (MSN) after we have submitted a final claim for services. The MSN lists services and charges billed to Medicare on your behalf and the amount Medicare paid. This is not a bill.

Should any changes are to be made in this policy regarding services or charges, you or your responsible party will be advised. If you have questions about charges or insurance billing, please call our office.


If we cannot meet your needs, either directly by our agency or indirectly through service agreements with other providers, we will not admit you or will not continue to provide our services to you.




You will be treated with consideration and respect. We fully recognize your right to dignity and individuality, including privacy in your treatment and in the care of your personal needs. We will always notify you if an additional individual needs to be present for your visit for reasons of safety, education and supervision.



This agency is certified under various state and federal programs. Check with our office to verify whether or not we presently participate in any specific programs pertaining to your needs. Eligibility for these programs is determined by state and/or federal agencies.



Our goal is to assist you in returning to your maximum level of functioning and to provide all services possible to help you stay at home in your usual and customary surroundings. We are committed to assuring that your rights are protected. If you feel that our staff has failed to follow our policies or has in any way denied you of your rights, please follow these steps without fear of discrimination or reprisal.


  • Notify the Director or Patient Care Services or the Administrator at (626) 732-6542. The problem will be reviewed and you will be informed of the resolution(s). Most problems can be solved at this level. Within 5 days of receiving complaint, the Director, Clinical Supervisor, or designee will investigate and will make every effort to resolve the grievance/complaint to your satisfaction.



  • If you feel the satisfactory action has not been taken, you may make a confidential complaint, ask questions about local home health agencies, or lodge complaints concerning the implementation of the advance directive requirements to the State Department of Health Services Licensing and Certification Division, 5555 Ferguson, #320, Commerce California without being subject to discrimination or reprisal.


California residents may call (800) 228-1019, the Hotline may be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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