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Office Hours

Our office hours are:

Monday through Friday

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

except during company holidays.


After Hours Coverage

We provide 24-hour on-call service, 7 days per week to insure that you receive adequate medical care. A qualified Nurse is on-call to accept patient calls, referrals for service and to arrange service for patient treatment as needed.

Emergencies & Life Threatening Situations

In life threatening situations, go to the hospital emergency room, or call the Emergency Medical Services number.  Call 911 for Emergency Fire/Police/Ambulance/Paramedic

During Extreme Weather Conditions

During the flood season, we will make every effort to continue home care visits. But, the safety of our staff must be considered. When roads are too dangerous to travel, our staff will, if possible, contact you by phone to let you know that they are unable to make your visit that day.


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